The rural environment is unique at every site and Suntricity Solar has the expertise and experience to solve any energy requirement with custom made systems.


Take Control With Solar Power

SunTricity Solar is New Zealand’s authority for solar power products for off-grid, rural homes and buildings. Whether you’re looking for a reliable source of renewable energy or you want a home that’s entirely solar powered, we can supply you with the ideal panels, off-grid inverters, batteries and generators to reach your goals. Plus, we’ll professionally install them for you. At SunTricity, we offer:

On-Grid: cut power bills with roof mounted and ground mounted farming, wineries, and multiple building solutions connected to the grid.

Hybrid: Highly robust power systems using grid power, batteries, solar panels, wind turbines, hydro turbines, generators to provide robust large scale rural power with grid failure protection.

Off-Grid: Providing power in those remote locations where grid power simply isn’t possible due to either distance or cost.

Off-grid/Hybrid Inverters: The best off-grid solutions available. SunTricity is one of only a few companies in New Zealand certified to design off-grid solar systems and install them! There are only 3 companies that are capable of true robust off-grid solutions.  They are Schneider, Selectronic, and SMA and while we can offer all three we find  Schneider and Selectronic to be leading the way in off-grid solutions. 

Schneider is a New Zealand premium company, heavily supported in engineering and product range. As the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric provides the technology and solutions needed to fully optimize energy usage through energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy and new energy technologies. 

Selectronic is an Australian made product and specialises in providing energy to properties off the grid for over 30 years.  The ability to draw energy  from multiple sources including solar, wind, water, generators, and batteries makes Selectronic inverters the all-in-one solution.  In addition, by using energy management software capable of over 300 programmable features to extend the battery life  and to ensure stable power provision under any circumstances makes going off-grid a very economical, dependable option for the future.

Custom Solar Solutions: 

You can be confident that our systems will work to your exact needs. We will deliver the highest return on investment combined with excellent functionality and aesthetics.


Our best long term  installation warranties give our customers peace of mind. Our solar panel replacement warranty reinforces your choice to use SunTricity Solar to provide a worry free solar system.

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