How Solar Works

Suntricity Solar, whether it’s commercial, residential, or industrial installations, ensures solar not only works as it should but looks good too, and is environmentally friendly in the first place.

how solar works

The Basics


Solar power systems collect UV from the sun.  Even on cloudy days UV still provides energy although not as much as a sunny day.  The solar panels collect the UV in the form of DC (direct current).  The inverter then converts the energy from DC into AC (alternating current) which is generally what we all use as power. 

The inverter manages the power and allows you to utilize the power collected from the solar panels first before buying from the grid.  Any excess power not used from the solar panel collection is then sent back to the grid and obtains a feed in tariff from the electricity retail providers that are agreed upon. If you need more power than what the panels provide at any given time the house pulls power from the grid to offset the shortfall.


Since there is no grid power, Off-Grid systems perform the function of being the “power provider”.  The system needs to provide stable power under any circumstances rain or shine to users 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  It also needs to do this automatically without the user being required to “manipulate” the system or refrain from carrying on daily life as normal. A properly designed off-grid system should have several sources of power to draw from and manipulate those sources automatically to provide stable power.  

These should include renewable (solar, wind, water), generators (auto start), and battery banks. The inverter then chooses which sources to charge the batteries from and which source to provide power to the property.  A correctly designed off-grid system reduces generator fuel expense, extends battery life, and ensures batteries are not exposed to depletion. It is essential that the system be robust enough to provide power for 3-5 days without any sunshine at all. If designed incorrectly, the battery bank which is the most expensive component in your system could fail in as little as a couple of years and require expensive replacement. By automating the system, this is a mistake that can be avoided.  As your power provider, off-grid systems must be designed by certified off-grid designers.

ON-Grid backup systems:

Peace of mind in a grid failure is the primary focus of these systems.  Generally, these systems in essence are smaller off-grid systems designed to provide just a few hours of power each day to maintain essential services through a grid failure. 

Most solar systems could incorporate some form of emergency backup post installation however; if this is a concern for you and you experience frequent “power disruptions” it would be advisable to raise this with your solar system provider if possible before installation of your solar system. The most economical solution for emergency power of a few hours during the odd grid failure is to incorporate a “change over switch” into your distribution board and purchase a small generator to plug into your distribution board.

Living Off Clean, Renewable Energy

One of the greatest benefits of using solar power products for the home is that you can potentially cut yourself free from power companies and energy bills. With power costs continuing to rise and the threat of climate change, solar power offers a cost effective and clean-energy solution that can be utilised in a variety of ways to save you money while helping the planet. As more and more countries, businesses and homes are adopting solar and other renewable forms of energy, investing in a solar system can add value and future-proof your property.

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Start saving money today, with excellent returns which are better for homeowners and for commercial projects having if not the best ROI then certainly one of the best ROI’s on the planet. Savings like this suggests there has never been a better time than today to go solar now for a cleaner world. The pride a company feels in being able to be sustainable is invaluable.