Commercial ENERGY

Solar Power has so many uses to benefit companies to transition into clean energy footprints.


Commercial Solar Power Systems

For commercial solar-panel systems, SunTricity Solar can provide the best and most versatile renewable energy solutions. All of our solar systems are customized and designed specifically to fit your needs; our installation services are quality assured. We offer:

  • Tier 1 solar products
  • Professional commercial solar installations
  • Warranties covering the lifetime of the system (25 to 30 years)
  • The best variety in panels and inverters
  • Commercial solar solutions designed to provide the highest return on investment

SunTricity Offers Variety

With options for both grid-tied and off-grid locations customised to suit energy needs, as well as providing the best in aesthetic designs, our selection of quality panels and inverters makes SunTricity Solar the best choice in commercial solar panel systems. Not only will a custom designed solar system help to cut costs on energy, it also will provide the best option for a business to run on a clean, renewable source of energy. Possible applications for commercial solar installations include, but are not limited to:

  • Hotels
  • Swimming pools and sports centres
  • Food processing plants
  • Small and local businesses


Our best long term  installation warranties give our customers peace of mind and our solar panel replacement warranty reinforces your choice to use SunTricity.

Reliable Customer Support

Honest, upfront information so that you can make smart, informed decisions.

The future is bright with Solar Energy

For more information about how a custom solar solution can benefit you, give us a call at 0221922889.