Residential Energy

Solar Power in your home will provide generations of power savings, giving you control for years.

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Solar Power at Home

SunTricity Solar is your solution to providing clean, renewable energy right at home. Based on your needs, and the amount of available sunlight in your area, our experts will not only customise and design a system most suited for you, but we will also install it ourselves. Residential customers benefit from:

Residential customers benefit from:

  • The best variety in solar power products for the home
  • Tier-1 solar products sold based on quality
  • Quality controlled in-house installations
  • Warranties covering the lifetime of the system (25-30 years)
  • Solar-powered homes designed to provide the highest return on investment

Is Solar Power Right for Your Home?

With payback periods of 8 to 10 years for the average home installation, electricity from solar cell panels can still provide many years of free electricity , and also doesn’t create any pollution or harmful emissions. Cooking, heating, and operating large tools and clothes dryers may still require the need for traditional forms of power, though solar power users find that the significant reduction in their energy bills makes the investment more than worth it. Solar systems can provide adequate electricity to power most essential household items, such as:

Refrigerators and freezers
Lights and kitchen appliances
Hair dryers
Washing machines and dishwashers
Television, video, audio equipment and computers
Medium sized power tools
While Government subsidies for the adoption of a solar system are not available in New Zealand, it is possible to sell the power that you don’t use back to willing power companies.

SunTricity Offers the Best in Residential Solar Systems.

With our variety of choices and customised designs, Suntricity Solar offers the best option for solar power in the home. Provided that you have adequate amounts of sunlight during the day, we can work with you to customise a solar solution for your house. Contact us today to learn more about how renewable energy from a solar powered home could be in your near future!

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